What is ECOMC and Trystorm Solutions?

ECOMC is the East Cooper Outboard Motor Club, a private non-profit organization that owns Gold Bug Island. Trystorm Solutions is the staging company that manages the rentals for Gold Bug and offers many options to help you plan and stage your event.

Do I have to be a member or know a member to rent the facility?

Membership in the ECOMC is not required to rent the Gold Bug Island clubhouse.

I am interested in the venue for my event. What do I do?

The first step is to spend some time reviewing the information provided on the website. There is lots of useful information about our fees, our size limitations and a calendar with potential available dates. A visit to the venue is fruitless if the date you want is already taken or your party is too big for our facility. The calendar is updated frequently and is generally accurate. Request for dates are handled in the order received. After you have reviewed the information, click the rental link to establish contact by email.

How do I arrange to see the venue?

All visits to the venue are arranged by appointment only. Gold Bug Island is private property and unless you have an appointment or are invited to an event, you must be accompanied by a member. We arrange the appointments on days we do not have rentals so that we do not disrupt the renter’s preparations or festivities. Just as you would not like someone crashing your event, please do not crash someone else’s event. Because the venue is rented most weekends, site visits are usually arranged on weekdays, daytime or early evening. There is not someone on site unless we have an appointment.

I want to secure a rental date. What do I do?

Send us an email with the desired rental date in the subject line. We will want to know the approximate guest count and the nature of the event. Include the name that you want on the contract and your personal phone number. Please use a personal email address. If we need to contact you, it would likely be at a time when you are not at work. We will send you a contract with specific instructions as to where to mail the reservation deposit and the signed contract. Please follow the instructions carefully because mailing the contract and deposit to an address other than the one provided may result in losing your desired date.

What part of the grounds are included in the rental?

The rental includes the clubhouse and surrounding lawn area, and most of the parking lot. The area beyond the wooden fence is for the exclusive use of the members. The bird observation deck, the causeway and dock are NOT included in the rental. These areas must remain open and accessible to the members at all times. There are barrels, cones and signs that differentiate the rental area from the members-only area.

What tables and chairs come with the venue?

The following tables can be used inside the building and on the paved patio, but not on the lawn:

18 round tables at 60” in diameter
10 rectangle 8 foot x 30” banquet tables
150 white folding chairs

There are two picnic tables, four picnic benches and two large spools that can be placed anywhere outside.

Trystorm Solutions also has some additional sizes of tables available through them.

What size tablecloths fit these tables? Do you provide linens?

We do not provide any linens. Some caterers provide linens for buffet tables but you need to arrange for your own linens.

The 60” round take a 120” tablecloth for floor length
The 8ft banquet tables take a 90” x 156”

Additional tables require these sizes:
6 ft banquet tables take a 90” x 132”
36” and 48” round tables take a 108” tablecloth
Cocktail tables take 132” round tablecloths plus a sash to tie them on

What about the other items I see in pictures on the website?

Trystorm Solutions owns most of the items pictured on the website with the exception of chairs that are on the lawn and linens on the tables. Those are rented from other local rental companies. We have a catalog of specialty items that we offer that have been designed specifically to enhance the feel of the Gold Bug experience. Once you have reserved a date for your event, we will share the catalog with you.

What time can I get into the facility on the day of my event?

Your rental runs from 11am to midnight on the day of your event. Chances are good that we will have a rental either the day before or the day after your event and we have to have time to clean and prep the facility, so early check-ins are not usually possible.

What are my responsibilities on the day of my event?

At 11am we will conduct a brief orientation with the person who will be closing down the facility at the end of the night. It is important that we orient the person who will be the last to leave, because closing down the facility properly can determine whether your security deposit is refunded.

We do the heavy cleaning – sweeping, mopping and sanitizing but the clubhouse and grounds must be left in the condition it was in when you arrived. You are responsible for setting up and breaking down the tables and chairs used during the event unless you have contracted with Trystorm to perform this service for you. All personal décor items that you have brought in must be removed and any rental items from outside sources must be picked up at the end of the night. All trash and debris must be placed in the dumpster in the parking lot. If you have rented items from Trystorm, you will leave those in place.

You will need to have someone on hand to meet with your vendors as they arrive prior to the start of your event. This might include deliveries of the cake and flowers, or the arrival of the caterer or entertainment. We can help with venue coordination if desired.

Are there restrictions on the types of decorations I can use?

The general rule of thumb is that you can use any decorations you want as long as they are removed at the end of the night and we cannot tell they were ever there. We do not want nails, screws or staple holes in the walls or bar,  or tape, string, cord or any other items used to hang things left after you’re gone. Command strips, when removed improperly can rip the paint off the walls, causing unsightly places that have to be patched. There are some hooks and nails that are used for our custom décor pieces and we ask that you do not remove any of those.

Real candles have not been outlawed yet, but they are discouraged. Candle wax damages linens, and leaves waxy stains on the tables, chairs and floor. We have had the situation where centerpieces have caught fire because a candle got too close. We ask that you use caution and common sense.

Sparklers are no longer allowed on the premises due to safety reasons.

Flower petals, real and artificial, feathers and confetti are popular to line the aisle or as a send-off. All of these items are considered debris on the lawn and must be cleaned up before you leave the premises.

Smoking is allowed outside. Buckets of sand are provided to dispose of cigarette/cigar butts.

Keep in mind that while today is your “big day” and we want it to be special, tomorrow is someone else’s “big day” and it needs to be special for them too. Please treat our facility with respect.

What technology is available at Gold Bug?

There is no Wi-Fi, cable or satellite available in the clubhouse. There is a large TV available for slide-show presentations. The safest way to be sure your slide-show will play is to plan to use a laptop with an HDMI cable to connect to the TV.  Since there is no cable or satellite, the TV only picks up local broadcast stations.

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